Yann Gasançon

Marketing student

Yann Gasançon

Marketing student

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Hello, I'm Yann Gasançon!

Marketing student

Status : Looking for a marketing internship.


Full name

Yann Gasançon


26 January 1985 – Courcouronnes, France





2015-2016 : Two year university degree in marketing techniques

La Rochelle University - On going

La Rochelle University
I have chosen this formation to have access to a Marketing Bachelor degree. That sounds like a challenge for me to get this two year degree in only 1 year after a break of more 9 years of school. This formation is focused on marketing but also on economic and legal environment, financial statistic, market research, negotiation, international environment, accounting and more.

2006-2007 : Two-year technical degree in entrepreneur and business management

Evry trade faculty, France - Unachieved

Faculté des métiers
Business management focus, with this formation I learned how to make and manage a business and a staff.

2004-2006 : French secondary school high-school degree in commerce speciality

Evry trade faculty, France - Graduated in 2006

Faculté des métiers
The most popular French cursus to learn the basic rules of the sales techniques and how to be a good seller and a good staff manager.

2003-2004 : Vocational certificate obtained 2 years after the 9th grade - Sales techniques speciality

Evry trade faculty, France - Graduated in 2004

Faculté des métiers
Learned sales techniques and some basics sales tools like the Maslow Pyramid, etc.

2001-2003: Vocational certificate obtained 2 years after the 8th grade - Commercial employee speciality

Evry trade faculty, France - Graduated in 2003

Faculté des métiers
Focus on sales techniques, merchandising and inventory management.



Popei.fr - Startup - La Rochelle, France - September 2015 - Current


Popei is a startup which provide software solutions to help human resources to manage handicapped employees in the company. My main mission is to promote and to launch new products DOETH.fr and Handipublic to SMEs and public organizations. The start-up have for partners some big accounts such as BNP Paribas, le crédit agricole,Dekra, Vivendi (SFR)

Acquired skills :

– Selling software on phone and by livechat.
– Mailing.
– Improving customer database
– Creating a sales pitch
– Followed prospective customers

Self-employed person

Nanarak.com - Ready to wear - September 2014 - September 2015


My first own business about an online clothes shop using a dropship system. Very rich experience.

Acquired skills :

– Market research, business plan.
– SEM : Netlinking, content writting, SEA.
– Using analytical tools : Google web tools, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, SEO Soft.
– CMS management and optimization : Prestashop, WordPress.
– Community management : Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
– Purchase and product database management from China
– Shipping and customer care.
– Graphic design : Photoshop.

Shop manager

L'Indien Boutique - Ready to wear - Paris, France - 2004-2013

L'Indien Boutique

L’Indien Boutique is a ready to wear street shop which sells licensing merchandising for teenager. The company have 3 shops which are in located in Paris and website by mail order.

Acquired skills

– E-commerce : Creating product sheets, Orders management, shipping, customer care.
– Sales on shop and by phone : S2NCPS, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
– SEM : Manage a blog provided by WordPress and promote our products on each social network. Google adwords campaign planner.
– Marketing communication : POS display : flyers designed with Photoshop for our shop. Attendance and organization of various company communication activities (Music band signing sessions …)
– Mailing.
– Merchandising : Development, replenishment of the store.
– Encashment : Opening and closing, cash registers management.
– Orders management : Pass pre-orders to various suppliers, go to showrooms and salon. Fixing the selling price and the trading margin. Creating EAN barcodes. Manage returns and credit memos. Enter all items in the database.
– Shop management 


L'espace Presse - Bookstore - Bretigny, France - 2003-2004

Le marché Espace Presse

Worked at « Espace Presse » bookstore at the mall Maison Neuve.

Acquired skills

– Sales technics : S2NCPS, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
– Encashment : Opening and closing, cash registers management.
– Stock management: Reception, store warehouse, prepare supplier returns..


Franprix - Food Store - Corbeil, France - 2001-2003

Le marché Franprix

The first and maybe the most important job of my life.I was working with a good manager, who gave me some important responsabilities when i was only 15 years old such as department manager, check out, purchasing and inventory management.



  • 85% Complete
    Microsoft : Excel, Word, Powerpoint... 85%
  • 80% Complete
    Prestashop 80%
  • 70% Complete
    Photoshop 70%

In progress

  • 10% Complete
    Ciel 10%
  • 10% Complete
    Gantt Project 10%
  • 90% Complete
    Sphinx IQ 90%


  • 100% Complete
    French 100%
  • 70% Complete
    English 70%
  • 30% Complete
    Thaï 30%


  • 85% Complete
    Adaptability 85%
  • 80% Complete
    Rigor 80%
  • 75% Complete
    Customer focus 75%
  • 75% Complete
    Flexible and responsive 75%


Martial Arts

I have already practised French Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I consider the practice of martial arts as a way to excel but also strengthen the body and mind.

South East Asia Culture

Having lived two years in Thailand, I really felt in love with Asian culture and their value system. Start off again live there to build my personal and professional life is an integral part of my life goal.


Especially attracted by blockbuster movies, I have a preference for movies with special effects and US TV series.

New technologies

In my opinion, the new technologies sector represents an interesting multiple application support essential wich have a faster evolution.


Used by million people everyday, internet opens a large business opportunity.



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14 Rue des Bacries 17200 Royan France





“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

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